SEO Optimisation Tips

Knowing about SMO interaction with SEO

Nowadays, everyone is discussing about social media optimisation and social media networking. Most people join communities’ available social networking sites. Companies are now thinking about increasing their investment on social media. It is becoming necessary to have a profile on social networking sites, which helps you in gaining online popularity and you can also spread a word about your brand.

Without a doubt we can say that SMO is an amazing tool to create brand awareness, SEO relevant advice and get online recognition in the world of social media. But the only concern is how SEO and SMO interact. Let us find out how are these two related

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It is a process wherein the website is analyzed and modified for the search engines to read content, understand and index the website accurately. This helps increase the traffic to the website dramatically.


Social media optimisation is a collection of methods for generating relevant traffic on the websites through website related to

  1. SMO and SEO can benefit you in driving traffic to your business website, which generates revenue for your business.

  2. SMO is carried out to impress the human beings and SEO is implemented to impress the spiders of search engines In SMO you need good content to grab the attention of people on social media and on other hand in SEO you need good content for the website and the content needs to be written using appropriate keywords to catch the search engine’s attention.

  3. In case of SEO you are supposed to change Meta header, titles etc of a particular website in order to modify the website. In case of SMO you make use of social networking websites to spread a word about your website.

  4. SEO was discovered long back whereas SMO just came into existence recently.

  5. SMO can be done by anyone having internet knowledge whereas SEO needs only experts to work on related tasks. Google gives more importance to SEO as SEO is directly related to page rank, which describes the significance of webpage in various search engines. SMO has nothing to do with webpage importance

  6. The website structure is not at all important when it comes to SMO. In SEO website structure is an integral part of the entire campaign.

  7. The performing SEO there are some rules whereas in SMO there are no fixed rules to be followed. The most important thing that we need to learn about SMO is not to use the platform of social networking sites to sell your products services directly, but it is meant to build relationships to get potential clients. You need to add some interesting content on SMO so that others connect and remember SMO is done for human beings so the content used should be interesting.

  8. SMO costs re nothing or very less whereas SEO needs a lot of research and hard work so you should be prepared to pay a good amount to carry out an effective SEO campaign. There are many other cheap SEO services that make false promises but no nothing about SEO. They would use unethical techniques to place your website on top position in Google, but Google can catch such scammers and in turn penalize your website. Professional SEO services use profitable keywords so that you get maximum benefit from SEO .

  9. SEO is a strategy build to get long term results. Initially you need to have patience to SEO positive results as SEO takes time to show desired results. But once you start getting online visibility for the chosen keywords, you can keep getting results even when you are not hiring any SEO services. On other hand SMO is a never ending process as you need to stay connected on various social networking sites and continue with macro blogging to stay in search results.

  10. For any query search engines gives results instantly whereas if you ask something through social networking sites, it takes some time and SEO if done properly for your website, the website will be noticed quickly and it is an added value when you do SEO.

The main objective of SMO and SEO is to improve traffic to your website which helps boosting your business. But the question can arise as whether to start with SMO first or SEO. Well the answer is simple, you should begin with SEO to ensure top rank for your website and slowly walk towards SMO so that when people on social networking sites search for you through search engines, your online visibility can impress them.

You can certainly increase your web presence using these two methods. You need to focus on SEO and then on SMO to get best results.