About Laura Ashley Foundation


The Laura Ashley Foundation was founded by Laura Ashley, a 37 year old secretary from London who has fully recovered from breast cancer two years ago. Today, she lives a completely normal life, tries to spend as much time as possible with her family and loved ones but she also loves going to work, just like she did before she was diagnosed with the disease. But she is no longer the same Laura Ashley she was before diagnosed with breast cancer. She says that she appreciates all the small things and pleasures she used to take for granted but she also wants to help other women who are fighting with this disease. Laura Ashley has decided to share her experience as well as shed more light on the disease which is the second most common cancer in women as every 1 in 8 to 10 women will develop breast cancer at some point of life.

Breast cancer awareness, importance of regular breast self-exams and routine screening in the last few years have dramatically improved survival rate in breast cancer patients, while the chances to completely recover from the disease like Laura Ashton did are much higher than they used to be just one decade ago. But Laura Ashley who has experienced the disease and everything that it brings believes that breast cancer is still poorly understood and that women, especially those below the age of 35 are not taking the risk of the disease seriously enough. She admits that she did not either and that she was very lucky to be diagnosed with the disease before it spread to other parts of her body. Although she knew that she should examine her breasts for unusual changes every month and what to look for, she admits that she did not because she thought that it cannot happen to her. But it did which is why she decided to help increase breast cancer awareness, especially among younger women.

The Laura Ashley Foundation organizes breast cancer awareness campaigns together with Moyou London nails and successful charity events from multi nationals such as Astrazeneca to smaller companies. Remember every charity event however big or small can help. Another great resource are support groups which help newly diagnosed women to cope with their diagnosis and get through the treatment which unfortunately often requires surgical breast removal. In order to reach as many women as possible, and help them recognize early signs and receive early treatment, the Laura Ashley Foundation decided to create a website which provides all the key information about breast cancer, its causes, risk factors, newest scientific findings, treatment options and ways which can help avoid the disease despite the fact that its causes are not fully understood yet.

Please note that the Laura Ashley Foundation website offers general information about breast cancer and that it cannot be used for self-diagnosis. Another excellent source of information is the BBC Cancer website shown here. You are highly recommended to visit your doctor if you notice any unusual breast changes because if it is cancer, your chances to fully recover from the disease like Laura Ashley did are much higher if it is discovered and treated early.